Cafè Nirvana. English version

The characters of these fantastic stories, correlated by wonderful, original illustrations, created by great international artists, will move in an indefinite and relative time.

Accepting the statement of Albert Einstein, “Time is relative, its only value is given by what we do while it is passing”, we imagine that the dimension in which the characters act, is a projection of the inner time, which will take shape depending on the circumstances, events and experiences of each of them.

The differentiation of the context for each of the characters will allow the author to differentiate the sceneries, having always new ones, bound to the characters, in which allow them to move.

The series “Cafe Nirvana”, summarizes and exemplifies a concept: the cafe is commonly a meeting place, a resting place, a real undefined space. Nirvana, the last stage of enlightenment, the end of reincarnations, the absence of desire, the culminating point of a process of liberation. Having arrived at Nirvana, our characters are diluted by their time and their passions.

There will exist only a dialogue about the facts of a world that no longer interests them. “Cafe” and “Nirvana” will express, therefore, the antithetical relationship that is the source of thought, in every culture and in every latitude and that is defined to be the common thread of the series: the fight against dualism in its countless forms, nuances and contradictions.

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