Musica Lo-Fi . The soundtrack of my life.

All Lo-Fi tracks, which tend towards hip hop or house, generally instill the same sensations in listeners: reassurance, tranquility, serenity, and a hint of nostalgia.

On YouTube, it is not unusual to find radios that broadcast Lo-Fi live and that have scenes as a background that instill warmth and familiarity, like a girl studying in the bedroom with the cat in the window or studying in bed, in the privacy of her own bedroom, with the PC on the legs, or a raccoon walking in a sunny street.

Paraphrasing Heraclitus, “Everything flows” placidly. The success among young people probably lies precisely in this: the reassurance, the welcoming warmth that makes listeners feel at ease, the intimacy of their environments, the romanticism of a sunset, and the fresh air on the skin while smoking a cigarette.

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