The Black Book Note

This book is dedicated to those whose desire guides them along the way; it is a medium for those who seek the truth that is in germ today, that will become substance tomorrow, for those who do not understand what has become, but instead contemplate what is in the process of becoming.
The use of this book can be considered a form of meditation. Writing is an action that ‘forces’ one to be in the here and now. When you transfer your thoughts on paper, your mind and body are in the ‘flow’ of the action you are doing.
Using this diary with constancy and attention will correspond to one’s ritual of communion with the dark parts to take other sure transformation steps along the initiatory path.

Ritual invocations, necromantic bargaining, images and engravings by occult masters and alchemists of the 14th and 15th centuries, seals and prayers to aid meditation and encourage introspection, enlightening phrases as Zen paths through one’s mind, all this and more within the book.

In this book you will discover:

An ancient sacred invocation that opens the gateway to spiritual contact

The Words of Power that establish a connection with personal daemon

How to mystical evocate and sigil a necromantic pact with demons

Unique and antique seals for contacting spirits

Discovering of personal powers that can be used in all day life

Thought on how to proper orientate the brain

Methods for communicating directly with inner self

Ancient ritual, seals and secret for contacting spiritual world

The Black Book Note. A journal for deep notes. Book and journal. An illustrated and reasoned guide to natural magick and occult work. Over 120 free pages to fill with wishes, thoughts, spells, ideas, insights and to find a path to embrace your own personal power.

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